More: We Found the Coolest '70s Halloween Costume Ideas The freedom that people started to fight for in the 60s tipped all the way to hedonism for some. It’s Glynnis O’Connor. Break out that Caboodle for stashing your favorite Bonne Bell Lip Smackers flavor. August 6, 2011 Updated October 26, 2017. For a little trip down memory lane, we’ve rounded up some of the best beauty products the 80s delivered. The ’70s were absolutely iconic for statement looks. Also, I hope this lady is carrying mace, because this is the locker room of The Big Red Machine – things are liable to get unruly. These issues were intensified in the 70s, with tumultuous political issues and widespread distrust of the government. Here’s a look at women’s makeup in the 1970s. Like the 1960s, the 1970s was a diverse decade for makeup looks. 1. Teen girls and young women in the 1990s were spoiled when it came to awesomely fun beauty products.Whether you identified as a goth who … by Melissa Kirsch. From big-brimmed hats to wide-leg trousers to orange lipstick, there’s no doubt that the ’70s are back in a big way.

Whether you want to shake up your makeup routine or need inspiration for a costume party, get all the products you need to create retro looks. Check out a few of my favorite old-school beauty products. Recognize this girl? A Timeless Red My grandma Nancy and her 13—yes, 13!—sisters all wore either Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in the classic blue-based red Cherries in the Snow or the slightly warmer Love That Red . 21 Beauty Products ‘80s Teen Swore By. Seems a bit silly to talk about beauty after that last paragraph, huh? Late-'80s teen queen Debbie Gibson did what any reasonable pop star would do after dropping an album (and hit single) called "Electric Youth": … ... Nowadays we’re all about sulfate-free styling products and organic shower gels, but back in the ’80s, we thought our VO5 Hot Oil treatments were the height of beauty technology. As in previous decades women took beauty inspiration from the big screen and the movie starlets of the decade, with the explosion of colour from the motion pictures in the 1950s women were now fully able to see the make up the stars were wearing and Technicolor showed up beautifully an array of cherry, fire engine red lips, warm bright blush and also the flawlessness of the skin. From the best eyeliner trends in every decade to makeup looks that span the ages, it’s safe to say we’re fans of taking makeup inspiration from the past. Prices and retailers are listed as examples only, and many products are available at a variety of retailers. These vintage beauty products will hit home, whether yours was stocked with Pantene, Finesse, Flex, or Salon Selectives.

The following dermatologist-approved products are designed to help protect and preserve senior skin so you can look your best for years to come.

She was in Jeremy (1973) and Ode to Billy Joe (1976), but I remember her best in the John Travolta masterpiece, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.. Charlie Hustle’s cut was a thing of wonder in the 1970s. Dove Beauty Bar. But this a beauty blog, not a history course. Women’s 1970s makeup went from super glam mode, gave a nod to retro smoky eyes and skinny brows, revolved around the glitter ball … There’s no denying that each decade has had its moment (let’s not forget the '90s goth makeup trend) and the ‘70s are no exception. From the natural girl-next-door to flower children and disco queens, the decade embraced trends that really reflected the culture of the time. Try one of the following eight ‘70s makeup trends to bring groovy vibes to your makeup routine. It’s a classic for a reason. At the recent Gorgeous and Green benefit in San Francisco, which was sponsored by Global Green USA, an Eco-Chic Fashion show displayed designs from top sustainable designers along with this easy retro hairstyle. Modernize the look by using the shade as a liner, or shading at the corners for a pop of color.

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