It’s rich, sweet, golden and satisfying. Sweet potato chocolate cake is easy to make, intensely chocolately and indulgent. contact. Healthy Flourless Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake . Ours has been a roller coaster of emotions so far and there is more to come, I’m sure. Flourless Sweet Potato Chocolate Cake (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free) adapted from Chocolate Blender Muffins (Clean Sweets, 2017, WW.Norton) and Men’s Fitness Magazine (UK edition, October 2016). Strange ingredients aside, this Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake packs a flavour punch. It’s a one-layer cake to it’s easy to frost since you’re just frosting the top and sides. large plates. Cake Note: Sweet Potato Note: Orange sweet potato is a little sweeter and also a little looser than yellow sweet potato.I prefer orange in this recipe, but if you’d like to use yellow, add another 1–2 tablespoons of water, and another 1 tablespoon of … It's naturally vegan and oil-free and it can be made gluten-free too. This is a healthier chocolate cake and it’s an easy recipe. Recipe Notes. small plates. Sweet potato chocolate cake. pantry staples. breakfasts. We finally got our house keys yesterday and were able to go back to OUR (still doesn’t feel like it) house to check it out, measure things and ponder the best course of action. drinks. recipes . salads and soups. about. baking. Sweet potato chocolate cake. I refuse to give up my desserts so I make them as healthy as I can. sweets. A food blog with plant-based recipes from all over the world. Check out a single serve version of this recipe in the step-by-step video below! A timeless cake gets a healthy and protein-packed … Then I spread the sweet potato out on a dinner plate to cool while I prep the other ingredients. Happy weekend, guys! We also have a vegan version. Cake Ingredients.

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