Lycopus americanus (water horehound) is a common, at times weedy, mint of wet places like the edges of marshes or woodland pools.

1. ... Floral formula: 23. Family lamiaceae 1.

Within the Lamiaceae, Salvia is part of the tribe Mentheae within the subfamily Nepetoideae. The half-flowers, floral diagram and floral formula of Lamium album are shown below. Floral formula: Distribution of Verbenaceae: The family is commonly called Verbena family. Study 10 Plant family floral formulas flashcards from Michael G. on StudyBlue. FLORALDIAGRAM 16. It includes 77 genera and 3,020 species, out of which 21 genera and 125 species occur in India. The lamiaceae (labiatae) consists of plants such as the deadnettles and mints, which are called lamiates or labiates. Floral characters: Inflorescence: Solitary (Potentilla, Rosa servica) or grouped in racemose (Agrimonia). Economic Importance of Lamiaceae: 1. This family represented by about 400 species in world wide distribution. Apiaceae, also called Umbelliferae, the parsley family, in the order Apiales, comprising between 300 and 400 genera of plants distributed throughout a wide variety of habitats, principally in the north temperate regions of the world. Economic Importance of Verbenaceae: Lamiaceae is distributed nearly worldwide, and many species are cultivated for their fragrant leaves and attractive flowers. Note the axillary clusters of small white flowers and coarsely blunt-toothed leaves. Leaves of Mentha viridis, Ocimum basilicum, Melissa officinalis etc. Lamiaceae, the mint family of flowering plants, with 236 genera and more than 7,000 species, the largest family of the order Lamiales. In India it is represented by 400 species. Floral- formula: Distribution of Lamiaceae: It is commonly called Mint family. Scutellaria incana, hoary skull cap.Scutellaria spp. is genus of woodland herbs that are usually found on floodplains and the edges of wetlands that are not saturated year round. FAMILY 9: Cucurbitaceae – Gourd Family characters, Floral formula & species Family 11 : Lamiaceae (LABIATAE) – characters , importance , pattern Chenopodiaceae Vegetables – characters , importance & … 2.

Economic Importance of Lamiaceae: 1. Lamiaceae & nyctaginaceae 1. Most members are aromatic herbs with alternate, feather-divided leaves that are sheathed at the base. Food: Tubers of Stachys sieboldi are edible. are used as condiments. The members of this family are found both in tropical and temperate climates. Study 10 Plant family floral formulas flashcards from Michael G. on StudyBlue. ... Floral formula: 15. The Virtual Floral Formula .

Las lamiáceas (Lamiaceae), anteriormente y alternativamente Labiatae (labiadas), son una familia de plantas con flores del orden Lamiales que comprende unos 245 géneros y alrededor de 7.900 especies taxonómicamente admitidos, lo que la convierte en uno de los … Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae, with nearly 1000 species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and annuals. V.Kanthasamy M.Sc.,LifeScience Bharathidasan University 2. The family Lamiaceae includes about 200 genera with 3,200 species in india. Wild species occur in hills. Lamiaceae synonyms, Lamiaceae pronunciation, Lamiaceae translation, English dictionary definition of Lamiaceae. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Noun 1. One of several genera commonly referred to as sage, it includes the widely produced herb used in cooking, Salvia officinalis (common sage, or just "sage").

Food: Tubers of Stachys sieboldi are edible. Family 11 : Lamiaceae (LABIATAE) - characters ,economic importance , pattern in species and reproduction through Floral formula and floral diagram in mint family terminal corymbose (Rosa moschata), terminal cyme (Geum) or corymbose cyme (Potentilla sibbaldi). The members of family are inhabitants of tropical and subtropical regions, they also extend into temperate lands. Notice that although most parts of the flower occur in groups of five, there are only four stamens. When you have finished with the program, you may close this window, or return to the previous web page using your browser's "Back" button. The family includes 260 genera and 3200 species of world wide distribution. Start studying Floral Formulas.

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