The method offers an advantage over other methods as it can be used to develop disease free plants from disease-rode plants by using their meristems (apical and axillary) as explants.

Plant tissue is a collection of similar cells performing an organized function for the plant. A tissue culture is the cultivation of a plant through the use of a cutting or other plant tissue. 2. A culture of tissue grown by this technique or process. These are the cells that appear on cut surfaces when a plant is wounded and which gradually cover and seal the damaged area.

n. 1. Tissue culturing is the most common form of plant reproduction and cloning in the greenhouse setting. The following is a brief outline of plant tissues, and their functions within the plant. Plant tissue culture is an important tool for both basic and applied studies in the plant field and has been widely adopted in agricultural manufacturing.Lifeasible, as a specialized plant biotechnology company with forefront techniques and dominating markets around the world, provides customized plant tissue culture service with optimized protocols. Plant Tissue Definition. A tissue culture can also be used to reproduce plants that demonstrate exceptional disease or pest resistance, or some other desired characteristic. tissue culture synonyms, ... English dictionary definition of tissue culture. Each plant tissue is specialized for a unique purpose, and can be combined with other tissues to create organs such as leaves, flowers, stems and roots.

By plant tissue culture new plants may be raised in an artificial medium from very small parts of plants, such as, shoot tip, root tip, callus, seed, embryo, pollen grain, ovule or even a single cell, whether the cultured tissue develops into a plant or grows unorganized depends on the genetic potential of the tissue and the chemical and physical environment.

Tissue culture definition is - the process or technique of making body tissue grow in a culture medium outside the organism; also : a culture of tissue (such as epithelium). The quarantine authority for the international exchange easily accepts the plants obtained by the meristem culture. Plant cells can be grown in isolation from intact plants in tissue culture systems. ... the growth of small pieces of animal or plant tissue in …

Meristem culture also helps in the plant breeding technique where hybrid breeds of the plants can grow. Tissue culture is used to develop thousands of genetically identical plants from one single parent plant known as soma clones, and this process is known as micropropagation.

Define tissue culture. The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. The cells have the characteristics of callus cells, rather than other plant cell types.

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