Probiotics is a term often used interchangeably with microflora, except that often, probiotics implies the microflora we can consume (in supplements, foods, liquids). Fortunately, cutting-edge research reveals that probiotics may be a new way to prevent and remedy allergies.

Pollen release, warmer seasons, and unseasonable weather changes can make allergens more present and triggering. Your gut’s biome can be drastically affected by any number of things.

While the foundation of your own microflora is often developed in the first few months of life, your lifestyle can make huge changes to what lives in your stomach. According to Dr.axe, there have been studies published in the journal of Immunology where kefir was credited to having positive effects on allergies and asthma. One of those is that they might be able to help with food allergies. The ability of kefir to impact on anti-inflammatory properties could be very useful in the … Probiotics To Remedy And Prevent Allergies.

Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one. Allergies in the US: why we’re considering probiotics for allergies Approximately 10 to 30% of the US population suffers from allergies and feel triggered by seasonal allergies. Probiotics have been touted as having a number of health benefits. If you've heard these claims and deal with allergies, you're likely wondering if it's true.

Kefir, a probiotic rich source has been noted to have an impact on allergies and asthma. The suppression of interleukin-4 inflammatory markers was noted. Lactobacillus GG and L. gasseri are believed to be two of the best probiotics for allergies, along with L. acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis.

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