Alana is generally used as a girl's name. The name Alana means Little Rock and is of American origin. Spelling of Alana A-L-A-N-A, is a 5-letter female given name. Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Alana and over 40,000 other names. The name Alana means Little Rock and is of American origin. Total = 29. Find out more about the name Alana at Alana is a name that's been used by parents who are considering baby names for girls. It came into prominence via model/actress/celeb spouse Alana Hamilton Stewart. Also possibly from the Gaelic "ailin" meaning "little rock" or possibly derived from Elaine or Helen. ALANA Numerology Analysis; Excited , Patriotic , Hardworking .

Alana, in all its various spellings, was at one time reserved for daughters of dads named Alan, but is now much more widespread. It consists of 5 letters and 3 syllables and is pronounced A-la-na. Alana is also a female given name coming from the Hawaiian community meaning beautiful offering.

Alanna is an Irish name that is used as a pet name for a young girl. What does the name Alana mean? Alana's, well they can be sexual most of the time. Also note the spelling and the pronunciation of the name Elana and check the initials of the name with your last name to discover how it looks and sounds. Alana as a girls' name is pronounced ah-LAH-nah. The results provide the hidden meaning of the name. Alana is a name that's been used by parents who are considering baby names for girls. The different meanings of the name Alana are: Gaelic Meaning: Peaceful, serene; Hawaiian Meaning: Awakening; The meaning of the name “Alana” is different in several languages, countries and cultures and has more than one possibly same or different meanings available. The meaning of Alana is "rock, handsome". The history of Alana originates from a Celtic background. In American Baby Names the meaning of the name Alana is: meaning harmony, stone, or noble. It is also of Hawaiian origin, where its meaning is "offering". You wouldnt want to let go of a Alana. Meaning of the name Alana: Feminine form of Alan, an old name of Breton origin but of uncertain meaning. Alana is generally used as a girl's name. Mean alot to me. Search comprehensively and find the name meaning of Elana and its name origin or of any other name in our database. The name Alana is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "handsome, cheerful". I love her.

The name Alana means Feminine form of Alan meaning harmony, stone, or noble. Pronunciation of Alana ə-LAN-ə ah LAN ah ah LAY nah Meaning of Alana An offering, attractive, little rock, valuable, precious, attractive & peaceful. Alana or Elana or “Ilana” can also be the female name in an English translation of …

I would never let go of mine.

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