Here's how it works. In part 1 of this "optimal human diet" series, I mentioned that there is no single, exact diet that will deliver perfect health for everyone. I It’s easier to describe what people and chimpanzees have in common than to describe our differences, which are many and varied.

Humans are unique, and the human gut is (nearly) unique Since we will be comparing the gut (digestive system) of humans with other animals, especially primates, it is appropriate to begin with an illustration that provides a comparison. Milton K(1), Demment MW. Author information: (1)Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley 94720. Moreover, a part of the brain called the cerebral cortex – which plays a key role in memory, attention, awareness and thought – contains twice as many cells in humans as the same region in chimpanzees. Mastodon meat, sweet little…

It is by taking a look at the elephant's digestive system that we can appreciate how vital they are as a super-keystone species. Digestion and passage kinetics of chimpanzees fed high and low fiber diets and comparison with human data. Gorilla's have a very similar digestive system to humans except for their large colons which produce much more acid than humans.

I just discovered that there is a big difference between the human's and ape's digestive system. Firstly, gorillas are generally much larger, and don't possess nearly as much brain power as chimpanzees. Humans have much longer small intestine. human vs animal digestive system Your digestive system is uniquely designed to turn the food you eat into energy your body needs to survive. Here is the unmistakable answer to whether humans are herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. The chimpanzee, like other organisms, is made up of organ systems. lungs- spongy organs that optimized exchanged for gas.

This acid is used to digest vegetation. Humans are more adapted in structure for standing upright, and chimpanzees are more adapted for mostly walking on feet and arms or climbing in trees. In humans, the small intestine is about 6 meters or 20 feet long and the large intestine is about 1.5 meters or 5 feet long. The human brain is about three times as big as the brain of our closest living relative, the chimpanzee. Compare and contrast the carnivore digestive system to the herbivore digestive system and to the human digestive system.

Sheep digestive system Human digestive system molars- grinds food while chewing. “Pan troglodytes are characterized in having simple acidic stomachs, a C-shaped duodenum, a globular, reduced caecum and an emphasis on fermentation in the colon.”- Joanna Lambert (2001), on describing the digestion of chimpanzees. A pure carnivore has a simple tube for an intestinal system. In the circulatory system, the heart pumps blood through tubes called arteries to all parts of the body. The other key components of the digestive system, such as the liver and the pancreas, are of the ordinary mammalian type and are only distinguished by their large size. Human need to eat different diet, more rich in nutrients. Lambert (2001) also describes that there is fairly equal digestion between the stomach, small intestine and colon of the chimpanzee. Apes have much longer colon. Three of these systems include the circulatory, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems. The gastrointestinal tracts of the Chimpanzee, Orangutan, and adult human and a human fetus were studied and compared by Stevens and Hume in 1995. Relatively speaking, chimpanzees have much bigger large intestine (colon) than humans do. The gluteus maximus of a chimpanzee is much smaller than that of a human because it is not needed to keep them upright at all times like humans.

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