She hates skewed apple , even apple purée. Custard Apple Milkshake is a very easy and tasty way to make your child eat the much-needed minerals and vitamins. The recipe is easy to make and so delicious that your little one is sure to enjoy it every single time you make it. You can also prepare apple milkshake to add the goodness of milk to your baby’s diet. Plus as apples are available all the year round, why couldn’t I think of another way to make her eat them? So this delicious simple quick recipe became my savior. Custard apple is a very safe fruit and seldom causes an allergic reaction in babies. However, wait for a few days to see how your baby reacts before feeding it again. After reading many health benefits of chia seeds, I wanted to try some recipes with it … Apple Milkshake ! Apple Milkshake Recipe for Kids November 12, 2015 5 Comments “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away” is something we’ve all heard since our school days, mainly courtesy our parents who were desperate to get their children to eat some fruit! Apple banana milkshake - creamy delicious milkshake for babies, toddlers and kids with chia seeds. Here’s how you can make apple milkshake for your munchkin. But I didn’t want to give her raw apples because of the pesticides, wax and what not added to the apples in the market.

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