Answer Save. of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police ?

There is no difference between DC,DM,Collector. Relevance. They r same.It's the 2 names of the same person.

What is the difference between District Magistrate and District Collecter ? 1 decade ago. Function as Deputy commisoner- In this major function is related to collection of overall revenue.

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So don't get confuse between the two things.

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There are no more difference between these post as they both are same.Both the post are HCS level.

Favourite answer. Answer Save. Further it should be noted that in some states like West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, District Collector is called District Magistrate.

There are known by different names due to the different work done by them.

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of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police ? Magistrate - maintain law and order. Magistrate - maintain law and order. What is the difference between district collector and district magistrate?


What are the powers of these designation ? The differences between magistrate and judge can be drawn clearly on the following premises: A judge can be described as a person who arbitrates, i.e.

What is the difference between District Magistrate and District Collecter ? the one who gives the verdict on someone or a case in the court of law. They r same.It's the 2 names of the same person. Both have same pay scale .But some of the difference in their work.

Collector - keep …

Key Differences Between Magistrate and Judge. What are the powers of these designation ? Work of a collector: 1 land assessment2 land acquisition 3 collection of land revenue 4 collection of income tax dues, excise …

In British period they were helped by Zamindari, mahalwari system, where final revenue was submitted to collector. On the contrary, a magistrate is a regional judicial officer who is elected by the judges of the high court of the concerned state to … 3 Answers. 1 decade ago. And what is the difference between Supdt. It will not be wrong to say that the District Magistrate or District Collector is the Chief Executive, Administrative and Revenue Officer.

And what is the difference between Supdt.

Collector - keep …

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