are formed while adventitious refers to the development of organ or embryo from unusual points of origin of an organized explant where a preformed meristem is lacking. • Large-scale growth of plant cells in liquid culture as a source of secondary products, like recombinant proteins used as biopharmaceuticals. 21 class: (hons.) 1. somatic embryogenesis and its consequences in cereals name: pardeep kumar roll no. • A plant breeder may use tissue culture to screen cells rather than plants. Introduction Organogenesis is a process of differentiation by which plant organ viz. This coupled with the disintegration of the endosperm 2-5 days. Application of Zygotic Embryo Culture • Haploid Plant Production: In the cross of Hordeum vulgare × H. bulbosum fertilization proceeds readily but the chromosome of H. bulbosum are preferentially lost during the first few divisions of embryogenesis.

botany 2nd yr. department of botany, panjab university, chandigarh.

roots, shoots, bud flower, stem, etc. 25. As a result the haploid embryos show slow growth. INTRODUCTION Tissue Culture Plant Animal Tissue Culture Tissue Culture Defination: Plant-tissue culture is in-vitro cultivation of plant cell or tissue under aseptic and controlled environment conditions, in liquid or on semisolid well defined nutrient medium for the production of primary and secondary metabolites or to regenerate plant. 2. contents • introduction • somatic embryogenesis (se) • factor affecting se … Application of tissue culture • Tissue culture is used to conserve the rare species in the forest.

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