Our Offer. The Thunderbird School of Global Management defines global mindset as, “A set of attributes that helps people work better with individuals and organizations unlike themselves. It is focused on defining, measuring and developing Global Mindset and its relationship with successful global leadership. Leaders need a specialised set of skills if they are to be successful in a global context. Consider which areas of global awareness (intellectual / psychological / social) are your priority and how best to embrace it.

Prioritise global awareness. Leaders today need a new, specialized set of skills if they are to be successful.

The demand for a global mindset will only grow. To actively build global awareness you need to prioritise it and identify key areas within your career and business that can immediately benefit. Engage in storytelling .

Leaders with a strong stock of Global Mindset know about cultures and political and economic systems in other countries and understand how their global industry works. Our Global Mindset & Global Leadership tool offers a battery of online surveys catered to the business needs of global leaders and International Business students to overcome cultural conflicts and a journey into a sucessful international career. Global Mindset leadership is situational and cultural differences, and similarities are neither positive nor negative.

In the real future of work , one's nationality, ethnicity and background will mean less in a leader and to a leader. The various elements of Global Mindset, and how to grow it, are described in a series of Knowledge Network articles: Why Global Mindset is Essential, Measuring Global Mindset, and Growing Your Global Mindset.

“Together, the dynamic interplay among cognitive, psychological, and behavioral attributes needed for global leadership constitute a global mindset” they say, suggesting a series of actions individuals can take, and HR professionals support, to develop their global mindsets.

Global Leadership vs. A global mindset includes the ability to see beyond the boundaries of the organisation, national culture, functional responsibilities and corporate gain.

Organizations could enhance the global mindset development of individual leaders as well as of the whole organization by creating a more structured approach to global leadership development, incorporating not only long-term but also short-term international assignments.

A Global Mindset profile comprises three capitals: Intellectual Capital, which refers to one’s global savvy, cosmopolitan outlook, and cognitive complexity; Psychological Capital, which refers to one’s passion for diversity, quest for adventure, and self-assurance; and Social Capital, which refers to one’s intercultural empathy, interpersonal impact, and diplomacy. Leaders with a global mindset feel comfortable being uncomfortable.
Global Mindset leadership is Situational Some cultures encourage entrepreneurship; some cultures encourage teamwork in meeting goals; some support a strong central leadership; others encourage dissent or discussion.

A global leader in the traditional sense is one that is doing business and leading followers with different cultural backgrounds in different geographies. What are the benefits of developing a global mindset?

This has an enormous impact on business relationships. It is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable in different environments.”

“A global mindset has an appreciation for the inter-connectedness of the world's economies, and for the nuances of navigating the various ethnic cultures that linger today," observes James G. Clawson, professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, and author of Level Three Leadership. 4 tips for cultivating a global leadership mindset.

Yet … – The purpose of the paper is to conduct a global literature review and develop a viewpoint on the most critical success factors required to develop a global leadership mindset., – The paper takes the form of a global literature review and the author's viewpoint., – Global leadership development must be driven by an organization's global business strategy.

Even if you don’t work for an international business, there is no doubt that global forces will affect you. “The key to cross-border success is cultivating a Global Mindset to understand cultural differences and complexities.” – Click to tweet

Global Mindset Leadership The Term Global leadership is mostly understood as the geographic spread of business operations, particularly across cultures. With dual career considerations for many families, long-term assignments are becoming more challenging. Discover.

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