This is typically done by evaluating strengths and weaknesses of competitors and seeing where you can fill in the gap or step up and improve.

Competitive advantage is defined as the ability to stay ahead of present or potential competition. The Importance of Competitive Intelligence by Sarah Schmidt , on November 30, 2015 We asked a variety of executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants to weigh in on this question.

ex. The term "competitive intelligence" might make you think of corporate spy games, but it’s actually an ethical, simple and valuable technique that can aid your market research. Step 4. In fact, open source intelligence provides a large amount of the information used by intelligence analysts and corporate security analysts to identify potential hidden risks or make strategic decisions in time. The goal of competitive marketing intelligence is to improve strategic decision making. Whether you're designing a marketing plan or launching a new product, it helps to have as much information as possible about your target marketplace. Which of the following is a good example of a manufacturing-related key success factor? That means you’ll need a constant supply of up-to-date information. C. Marketing intermediaries are not a good source of competitive marketing intelligenc D. Monitoring a competitor's website is unethical. Competitive Intelligence. C) It requires inside information from a competitors' internal database.

In recent years, the relevance of open source intelligence (OSINT) has grown within the field of information management. by Joel Garfinkle. The key success factors in an industry are the major underlying causes of change in industry and competitive conditions affecting the company directly. By helping managers assess their competition and vendors, CI leads to Definition of competitive intelligence. use of IT to continuously collect and analyze information products, markets, competitors, and environmental changes, and monitor the activities of competitors. Explain the concept of competitive intelligence. Unique among corporate functions, competitive intelligence has a perspective of risks and opportunities for a firm's performance; as such, it (not information activities) is part of an organization's risk-management activity. First, study the craft of CI.

[1]” Check it out. Competitive intelligence is the systematic process of observing, collecting and analyzing relevant information about the external business environment and distributing the resulting insights within an organization in order to make informed decisions. Which of the following is true of competitive marketing intelligence? Fuld + Company have a great post on the topic entitled simply “What is competitive intelligence? ethically gathering and refining enough information so it can be used to make strategic business decisions. You’ll need to revisit your social media competitive analysis regularly to keep it current.

E. Marketing intelligence information is not available from the U.S. government. Incorporate the latest data with social media monitoring. External sources of information include internet, annual reports, articles, news stories, announcements, conference proceedings, corporate web pages, consultants and … Good competitive intelligence about rivals' strategies, their financial performance, their resource strengths and weaknesses, the actions and plans they have announced, and the thinking and leadership styles of their executives is valuable because How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Gain an Advantage A growing industry will help you keep tabs on"”and stay ahead of"”your company's competition. Intelligence is analyzed information, and it becomes decision-making intelligence when it has implications for the organization. Competitive intelligence is the act of collecting and analyzing actionable information about competitors and the marketplace to form a business strategy. 7 Strategies to Define your Competitive Advantage. ARE THE STRATEGY elements, product and service attributes, operational approaches, resources, and competitive capabilities with the greatest impact on competitive success in the marketplace. Make this a regular part of your quarterly or annual reporting and review. Competitive intelligence (CI) helps managers assess their competition and their vendors in order to become more efficient and effective competitors. Competitive intelligence can be gleaned from from a variety of external and internal sources. [Exp: Many companies have a competitive intelligence unit that sifts through the available information to construct up-to-date strategic profiles of rivals.] Intelligence, says Gilad, is a perspective on facts rather than the facts themselves. B) It cannot be collected from internal sources of a firm such as employees and sales force. Understand what it is and what it isn't. A) It can predict a firm's future but not the pattern of forces in the market.

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