This TikTok user shows you're never too old to figure out how to properly fold a box of cereal with this unbelievable hack. According To TikTok, Cereal Is The Official Food Of Lockdown. I've personally never seen this hack before, and apparently other TikTok users had not either, because there are now tons of cereal box–folding videos on the platform: … The new method folds the cardboard in on itself to create a triangular shape at the top. This week, we're seeing the resurgence of a popular cereal box-folding hack on TikTok, originally made viral around the end of April. Then, take one long flap and tuck that into the box. To maximize all cereal crunchiness potential, the wizards of TikTok suggest opening the box, then turning the side flaps and the bottom flap inward. But surely what we can all agree on, is that there is nothing more disappointing than when you are looking forward to your cereal, only to take a bite and realise it has gone completely soggy. Tik-Tok Video Has Saved My Pantry With This Cereal Box-Folding Life Hack.

Give the sides a squeeze and a pinch, which will make the box stay closed. This life hack has been trending all over the world after a woman from the United Kingdom posted a video on TikTok about how actually the cereal boxes … This week, we're seeing the resurgence of a popular cereal box-folding hack on TikTok, originally made viral around the end of April. Another viral Tiktok video is making the rounds, but this one might be helpful to anyone who has ever irreparably damaged the top of a cereal box. Photo: Getty Images. Well according to a viral video on TikTok, soggy cereal could have been avoided - if we had just closed the boxes correctly. … by Katie Bingham-Smith May 8, 2020. This TikTok Cereal Box Hack Is Worth A Try. SHARE ... -Fold the second long flap over the other side of the V to hold it in place. Next, you crease the sides and tuck in the top tab. TokTok’s most trending video is currently Cereal Box Folding Like a Ninja. Life hacks have grown to become their own genre of internet content.
You’ve probably relied on the little cardboard tab and slit on the top of a cereal box to close it all your life, but TikTok users might just be changing the game. Next, fold in the side corners of the box. Next, fold the two shorter sides of the box into a “V” shape and push them in.

A 'life-hack' video has been published online showing how to ‘properly’ close a cereal box. Michelle Santiago Cortés . 1 - Get your open cereal box and fold down the two small flaps into the box. Take both small side flaps and tuck them into the box. 2 - Then, fold down one of the longer sides, in the same manner. A 'life-hack' video has been published online showing how to ‘properly’ close a cereal box. Today it is how to fold a cereal box: TikTok user @micklanie explained that you first need to fold the side tabs and the back tabs in. Read More Related Articles This life hack has taken social media by storm.

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