Removing Urine Smell from Carpet, pad and base flooring. If the urine gets into the pad of the carpet, you're sunk. The scent will indeed come up again so this is why it is necessary to steam clean three, four times in the area. As bacteria break down the urine (which is initially fairly odourless) you get that characteristic ammoniacal stale-urine smell.

Your question concentrated on the smell, but if you remove the urine, you remove the smell as well.

Carpet odors signal the presence of molds and mildew on your carpet (For a guide on mildew removal, Read how to get rid of mildew). Vinegar will only temporarily get rid of the odor. Damp spots under the carpet can linger for years after a cat has been in the home. Here is our recommendation for removing urine from carpeting. Ask a friend or your real estate agent to give you an honest assessment of any odor issues. I then sprinkled bicarbonate of soda on the area and rubbed it in and left it for a while then vacuumed it out and the smell disappeared completely. If you replace your carpet, it may be worth while to get a pad that has the plastic cover to prevent it from getting wet. When my cat peed on the carpet a while ago I tried Febreeze but then it just stunk of cat pee AND Febreeze! Next, blot the area dry with a clean (dry) cloth or paper towel. These organisms latch on to the moist areas of your carpet, which can come from humid weather or not drying thoroughly after washing. Get rid of carpet smells To rid your carpet of foul smells, first blot any strongly affected spots with a damp cloth. Also, the smell of cat pee can stick around longer because it is more concentrated than a dog's urine. The only way to get rid of urine odor is to use a product that has an active enzyme in it. Steam clean repeatedly. Urine, whether from mice or any other animal, is always a problem. The problem is that the urine will probably have penetrated to the underlay/backing felt and maybe into the flooring underneath. Get a steam cleaner solution made for pet odors.

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