Sunset hyssop is a surefire way to attract hummingbirds to your garden. The soil should be well-drained and slightly dry. Suggested uses. It is able to grow in many zones and soil conditions. Add to Collection. Plant Height.

It’s hardy in zone 3-10. It will easily top 4-feet tall in the garden and the blooms in early summer are rose to white coloured depending on the plant. Or, you can just winter-sow in pots, or direct sow on the ground in the fall. Agastache 'Blue Fortune' (Giant Hyssop) Anise Hyssop 'Blue Fortune', Giant Hyssop 'Blue Fortune', Agastache Aurantiaca 'Blue Fortune' Previous Next. Cultivation. Agastache (Hyssop) Anise Hyssop, Anise Mint, Blue Giant Hyssop, Fragrant Giant Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint (Agastache) ... Delicate-looking but fast growing, this pretty Agastache is among the best of all hardy perennials for attracting pollinating insects.
Hyssop will grow in a wide pH range between 5.0 (strongly acidic) and 8.0 … It is best to sow Hyssop and Mosquito plant seeds just below the soil surface, with a spacing of 25 to 30 cm (10 to 12 inches), in the autumn. Growing Hyssop in Your Garden. Learn how to grow Agastache from seeds below. We love how it smells like root beer. This is a short-lived plant. The leaves are three inches long and sticky with flower spikes up to … Hyssop is very easy to grow. Plant in fertile and well-drained soil in full sun. From China and Japan, this species of Agastache grows 4-5 ft. tall with branching stems that make it shrubbier than other species.

Sow seeds in pots at least three inches deep. Add to Any Collection My Collection . Agastache rugosa Korean Hummingbird Mint, Wrinkled Giant Hyssop. Giant Hyssop. Brittonastrum) Family: Lamiaceae Difficulty Easy Season & Zone … The vibrant pink, purple, and orange blossoms definitely catch your eye, adding pizazz to any yard. Where to grow. Hyssop grows best in zones three through 10. Plant a row away from the garden to lure cabbage moths away from Brassica crops. While it is a little tender, it will take …
A. rugosais a much taller form and is sometimes called ‘Giant Hyssop’. Plant Spacing. Agastache 'Blue Fortune' is a top pick for gardeners! Agastache prefers lightly shaded or preferably full sunlight conditions. Soil type This plant too is hardy and fun to grow. We have worked near it in a garden and these avian beauties would always be nearby. The seeds have a dormancy that needs to be broken though. So, just … Sow eight weeks before your last frost date and be patient as it matures. Starting indoors works best because hyssop has a long germination period of two to four weeks. Growing Conditions for Hyssop. Its long flowering season, showy flower spikes, licorice-scented foliage, low maintenance, and deer tolerance are seductive reasons! Seeds of Purple Giant Hyssop need exposure to sunlight to germinate. Latin Agastache foeniculum (syn. You can do this by cold/moist stratifying seeds for 2 months prior to planting. It is an easy plant to grow in that it is resistant to drought, tolerating extremely dry conditions. It can easily be started from seed indoors, but if you can find an established plant, you can to divide the root ball to start new clumps. Plant your seeds one-fourth inch deep just beneath the surface of the soil. Preferred pH Range. Hyssop plants should be grown in an area that gets full sun or partial shade. Do not plant near radishes. Beds and borders, City, Cottage/Informal, Garden edging, Gravel, Ground Cover, Wildlife. Establishing Purple Giant Hyssop from seed is not too difficult. Agastache is very attractive to bees. In the northern US and southern Canada, it can be found growing along the side of the road. How to Grow Giant Hyssop, Mosquito Plant and other Agastache. Hyssop usually grows to a height of 24 to 36 inches (60 - 90cm). Agastache is a hardy perennial also known as Giant Hyssop, Licorice Mint, or Lavender Hyssop.

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