Both Privet or yew Hedge can be reduced quite drastically and if care for following the reduction they will recover from dormant buds in the stems. The latter is a more popular choice for hedging as it can be clipped well into a formal hedge and is very tolerant of pollution. Will the hedge survive? Though naturally a fast grower, this plant can be coached into even faster vegetative generation. Rejuvenating an overgrown privet hedge requires drastic pruning to bring the hedge back into shape. The very name seems to say "privacy," as if a line of these bushes could form the ideal screen for those seeking a more private setting. This type of privet hedge pruning should take place in mid-spring after the annual growth has begun.
Ideally cut back one side of the hedge one year, then the other side one or two years later to retain the screening effect and give the plant the best chance of recovery. The old saw that the best time to prune is when the shears are in your hand is true for common privet (Ligustrum vulgare) hedges. Where to grow privet . Am not sure either where to cut back first. I use a petrol hedge cutter which suits the sides, but I'm looking at ways of reducing the height from a current 8-9 foot to around 6 foot. Privet Hedges Hessle: One of the more well known varieties of hedge is privet, which is an evergreen flowering shrub forming medium sized, dense bushes.
I am currently battling with the privet hedges in my back garden. Use the lopper pruners to begin removing the overgrown branches in the spring. It is about 6ft wide & 8ft high. Should I cut the sides back or lower the hedge first. Both garden privet, Ligustrum ovalifolium, and wild privet, Ligustrum vulgare, are common hedging plants, perfect for creating fast-growing privacy and shelter at garden boundaries.Only wild privet is native to Britain; garden privet is native to Japan and Korea. Privet hedges are frequently planted to define an outdoor space or screen an unwanted view.

How to grow a privet hedge – flowering wild privet. It is so robust that in many areas common privet (a native of Japan) and Chinese privet are considered invasive. If I cut it back by about 1ft on both sides and reduce the height by 1ft, all the green growth will be cut off. Privet is a popular hedge because it grows fast and is relatively resistant to pests and diseases. It can be trained as a living fence, topiary, tree or left to its own devices it will grow into a huge shrub. The old saw that the best time to prune is when the shears are in your hand is true for common privet (Ligustrum vulgare) hedges. I have a mature privet hedge which runs north/south and is 80 yard long. You have a beautiful hedge that has lasted for almost half a decade now.

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