To identify Ash firewood, look for a light white/brown color that is consistent throughout the wood.

Use leaves and bark for identifiers. It is also great as wood for smoking foods.
Apple and cherry both evidence the respective scent of the fruit they bear. A mature cherry tree has scaly, almost flaky bark; younger trees have smooth bark, much like a Birch. Pine wood also has a marked odor and makes excellent firewood as it burns clean, with little ash. Great smell to firewood is always a nice bonus to have. Black cherry firewood burns well but not as long or hot as the more dense hardwoods like oak. Split wood may not have leaves, but often branches or twigs will have remnants of leaves that can identify firewood. They are very plentiful around my part of the world (Eastern PA). Once firewood has been split, it's challenging to tell the woods apart. Hope this was helpful!

Although not as popular as oak, maple and beech, cherry can provide sufficient heat for your entire home. It dries quickly and splits easily. The black cherry (also referred to as wild cherry) is a common tree found throughout the eastern and central United States.
Most of the other types of firewood in this list will either have a darker color or will have different colored heartwood (center of the wood) and sapwood (outer ring of the wood). Cherry firewood is worth the time an effort in my opinion.

Despite this, it is usually well liked and makes good firewood.

Not to mention the cherry aroma that comes off the wood after you split it and while your burning it in your fireplace makes it super worthwhile.

Cherry firewood is a popular choice for many homeowners. Cherry bark, like the bark of most fruit trees, can be easily identified by the horizontal lines. However, Cherry has a relatively low heat output of 20.4 million BTUs per cord and is not as good for heating compared to heavier woods like Hickory and Oak. Cherry firewood is best known for the pleasant aroma it produces when burned. Pine wood also has a marked odor and makes excellent firewood as it burns clean, with little ash. A lot of people like burning cherry wood because it produces a nice fragrance as it burns.

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