… Kim was concerned that South Korean agents had learned about the plans and that South Korean forces were strengthening their defenses. A young Kim Il-Sung and his family. Martin, Bradley K. Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea and the Kim Dynasty. In the northern industrial center of Pyongyang, the Soviets installed the dynamic young communist guerrilla Kim Il Sung, who became the first premier of the DPRK.. KOREAN WAR . The problem in Korea. In 1945, Korea was split along the 38th parallel between a communist north led by Kim IL Sung, and a non-communist south led by Syngman Rhee. Kim Il-sung sought to reunite the peninsula, and he almost succeeded. He ran North Korea differently than the Soviet Union and China. Background His parents took the … KIM IL SUNG WORKS 21 January–December 1967 FOREIGN LANGUAGES PUBLISHING HOUSE PYONGYANG, KOREA 1 9 8 5. North Koreans still call him 'Eternal Leader'. Kim Il-sung was born Kim Song-ju in Mangyondae, near Pyongyang, the present-day capital of North Korea, on April 15, 1912. He had full control of the country. On 21 June, Kim Il-Sung revised his war plan to involve a general attack across the 38th Parallel, rather than a limited operation in the Ongjin Peninsula. North Korea became a Soviet-backed communist state shortly after the end of World War II. Kim instigated the Korean War in 1950 and his descendants continue to rule North Korea to this day. He knew the South was not properly armed, and he pleaded with Stalin for support so he could rush the light defenses and push the US forces off the peninsula. Kim Il-Sung's name means "become the sun".. Kim Il-Sung created the Juche political idea. He died of a heart attack on July 8, 1994. … It was ruled by the dictatorial Kim Il-Sung, a veteran of the Soviet Union’s Red Army. 2002 Hurst. Kim Il-Sung (April 15, 1912 - July 8, 1994) was the first leader of North Korea from 1948 until his death in 1994. Stalin agreed to this change of plan. From Stalin to Kim Il Sung: The Formation of North Korea, 1945-1960.

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