Vowels: Short or Long U Sound Words. A vocabulary word list (word bank) of Long U and Long OO words. f u... 2) … We have a large selection of phonics worksheets for teaching your students about the long-u vowel sound. Short Vowel Bingo, an educational twist on a favorite classroom game. This game helps kids differentiate short vowels from long vowels. d u al

With the selection of long and short U games from Education.com, your students will take the next steps toward reading success. d u el 1st grade . Worksheet. Short or Long U Sound Words. Upgrade to remove ads. 1 Page Worksheet DownloadFREE Worksheet. Kids must identify words that start with the short u sound in this phonics game. This reading, sorting and writing activity will help children to recognise that there are different ways of writing the 'u long oo' sound. Identify the Long or Short Vowel E in Words. Long u – Word List and Sentences This ESL phonics lesson features an extensive word list introducing students to the “long u” sound (u-e, oo, ew), followed by several sentences that use these sounds.

Reading & Writing. Learn more about the Pronunciation Course In my Pronunciation and Shadowing Courses, I evaluate each student’s pronunciation.One common mistake I’ve noticed is related to the letter “u” – several students have pronounced the word “public” more like pooblic. Long (u) has two sounds; long (u) as in m u l e and (oo) as r u d e. Read the words listed below. c u pid Short Vowel Bingo. Spelling the long vowel sound / ū /: u-e, ue, ew 1) In some words of more than one syllable you just need the letter u , for example: Grade Preschool, Kindergarten; Topics Reading, Alphabet, Phonics; Use this printable worksheet to practice recognizing the short and long U sounds. Game 1. The e ” at the end of the word m u l e is a signal that means the previous vowel (usually the first vowel) is long. Short or Long E Sound Words. Words in this set include use, unicorn, unicycle, music, and cube.

Short or Long A Sound Words . PDF Digital Download 1 Page. Help your first grader get to know long u words by matching words and pictures with the long u sound. Yahooooo! Long Vowel Sounds - u Word List u Make, Take & Teach u _ e unicorn bugle cupid human music duty unit uniform student use cube cute dude duke fuse huge June mule mute rude rule tube tune chute fluke flume flute ew too pool room moon soon food mood roost proof scoop bloom school smooth tooth igloo gloomy goose noodle loose spook oo ue Long U/Short U Online Games. Long u Words Spelling Worksheets; This set of spelling worksheets focuses on the long u sound. Here are the long U sound spelling words for 2nd grade: Long U Sound. A great display resource for developing phonic and literacy skills. Identify the Long or Short Vowel O in Words. Short or Long I Sound Words. The theme of week 22 of the Grade 2 Spelling Words list is the Long U Sound. 1st grade.

Identify the Long or Short Vowel I in Words. Worksheet Short Vowel Bingo.

If your school has been closed due to the coronavirus, we are offering free temporary access to Enchanted Learning. Reading & Writing . Identify the Long or Short Vowel A in Words. This lovely, eye-catching poster shows the different ways that the long u sound can be represented. d u ty 1st grade. Reading & Writing. More. Short or Long O Sound Words. The (u) in the word mule, has a long sound because it ends with the magic “e” signal. Download All + Answer Keys View All . argue; clue; dew; few; grew; huge; new; sure; tube; value; During this week, the student will learn that the following types of words make the long U sound… These spelling worksheets contain the words use, glue, rude, tune, cube, June, cute, tube, huge, and flute. We have five different worksheets so you can do a different one each day of the week.

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