These will then work as guides for outlining the shape of the maple leaf. Draw an upside-down V shape at the top of the stem, then draw a flattened-out W shape at the bottom of the leaf. Firs Draw the petiole/midrib and afterwards draw the primary veins (two on each side). Remember to erase your pencil lines when the … Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with Sketch the leaf onto watercolor paper with a micron pen or pencil to trace over with a calligraphy pen. Then, I traced over the pencil with a calligraphy pen. We collected here 26 Maple Leaf Line Drawing images for you to download, use for free, print or share. All the best Canadian Maple Leaf Sketch 36+ collected on this page.

To draw a maple leaf, start by drawing a square on a sheet of paper. Here I drew one leaf with a micron pen and one leaf in pencil.

Then, draw a vertical line through the middle of the square to make the stem of your leaf. Next, draw 6 V shapes along the stem, which will be the ribs of your maple leaf. Maple leaf veins drawing Start by drawing the petiole (part that attaches the leaf to the branch), midrib and the main veins. Get inspired, learn how to draw Maple Leaf Line Drawing via …

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