Well, let’s take a look at the literature. On top of this, it’s cruelty-free, suitable for all kinds of specialist diets and is easy to digest. This 100 percent plant-based protein is typically made from yellow peas and towers above common protein powders in a few regards. ... (no whey… Then pea protein entered the scene.

Pea protein scored a 95, which is more than beef, and just a few points behind whey.

Pea protein powder has been proven time and time again to be just as effective as its non-plant-based counterparts. Many don't realize that plant-based protein powders can be just as effective as whey for doing this.

A 2015 study comparing pea protein and whey protein compared the muscle strength and thickness of 160 healthy adult men before and after a 12-week trial-and found there to be no difference between the whey and pea protein …

Pea Protein Powder. High Intensity Health.

Source: Peas, of course. All proteins – from tuna to milk and soy – get rated along this scale from 1-100.

Still, previous research comparing plant protein and whey has been consistent. On one hand, whey protein isolate scores 1.09 (setting the bar with the top rating) while pea protein weighs in at 0.82 and rice protein stumbles in at 0.37.

Other benefits of pea protein. Pea protein powder is a powdered source of protein which is extracted from yellow peas. Whether you’re a fitness aficionado working on building lean muscle, or someone simply trying to bolster your overall health, the notion of the perfect protein powder likely looms large in your daily routine. Pea protein powders offer a few other benefits outside of their impressive protein profiles. But pea protein is having its day in the sun now, and readers want the facts. Pea protein is also allergen free, making it good for those who can’t digest whey, but the research behind it isn’t as strong as that of whey and soy. If you’ve ever wondered why people use protein powders, what the difference is between types, or which protein powder is the best…read on.

See other benefits of plant-based protein here. Protein Powder Review - The BEST Protein Powder To Buy & What To Avoid! As a company who promotes plant-based power, however, for us, the battle of pea protein vs whey protein is won by the former! Whey protein vs. collagen protein, pinned against one another in a winner take all analysis. Common Arguments For Pea Protein Is pea protein just as good as whey at building muscle?

In the land of muscle, sweat and ripped physiques, it’s hard to imagine that fuel can come from the almighty…pea. It’s made by grinding peas to a fine powder and isolating the protein from the fiber and starch. Whey Protein VS Pea Protein: do they compare? This makes it ideal for vegans and people with intolerances to supplements made in whey or soy. Both plant-based and whey protein powders are designed to get you body protein you might be missing.

First, it is naturally fat- and cholesterol-free (it comes from a plant after all). Pea protein itself is a high-quality protein source which contains high levels of iron and BCAA amino acids. And so on.

Those include:

Pea protein powder — or pea protein isolate — is made by isolating the protein from ground yellow peas, forming a beige powder. You’ll see claims that pea protein is “the best protein” or “the winner” as a plant-based protein. It comes down to preference. I made Primal Fuel out of whey protein isolate because it is the best gram-for-gram protein powder around. Pea Protein Protein per ounce: 17-23 grams, depending on the brand – this is the same or just slightly more protein than whey powder per serving. Nutrition facts can … 3.

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