The Pisco Mercenaries are four Peruvian-born gents: Neighborhood Services’ Ivan Rimach; Daniel Guillen and brother Armando, most recently of Parliament and The Standard Pour; and food and beverage consultant Pablo Valqui. 0 comments.

We think her formula maximizes the balance of flavors, aromas and alcohol content of PiscoLogía.

A little bit of history. Most often, it is the Quebranta grape, which was the original variety introduced from Spain. Pisco Sours are delicious and easy to drink. and what the mix alcohol:other stuff in pisco sour is? Pisco is also a port in Peru, the very same port where the liquor was first exported from thus giving it its name. Pisco: The argument between Peru and Chile are many when it come to this subject, and no one really knows where the alcohol was first made, or who invented the pisco sour cocktail drink.

Peruvian Pisco brandy. Both Chile and Peru stake a claim to Pisco, a distilled alcohol made from grapes. Pisco is a colourless grape brandy produced in Peru and Chile, and it was first created by the Spanish settlers who journeyed to the countries in the 1500s, when Pisco was the closest thing they could make as a version of Spain's pomace brandy "Orujo". Therefore the process of distillation consists of concentrating such alcohol level to even a higher level normally between 38% and 48% for Peruvian Pisco. It tends to be bottled at a higher proof than other brandies, ranging from 30 percent to 50 percent ABV (60 to 100 proof). What is the alcohol content of a pisco sour ? Alcohol Content: By law, the distilled proof of Peruvian Pisco may not be regulated or reduced by water. Pisco is a brandy from South America and is primarily made in Peru and Chile. Normally, to make pisco, you let the fermentation process turn all the sugar content in the grape juice to alcohol. Peruvian pisco must have an alcohol content between 38% – 48%. The alcoholic content varies between 38% and 48% (76 proof – 96 proof). A description and a collection of drink recipes for pisco brandy, with it's origin, ingredients, alcohol content, and nutritional information like calories, carbohydrates and sugars. That name “pisco” may have its roots in Quechua. Top > Grape > Pisco Pisco brandy. That name “pisco” may have its roots in Quechua. Be warned though, the alcohol level in a Pisco Sour can be quite strong, starting at about 40%.

Pisco production dates back to the late 16th century.

There are four styles of pisco, determined by the grapes used: pisco puro, pisco aromatico, pisco acholado, and pisco mosto verde. The Peruvian pisco has a stronger flavor than the Chilean pisco, which has a high sugar content and a strong grape flavor.

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