Acer saccharinum, commonly known as silver maple, creek maple, silverleaf maple, soft maple, large maple, water maple, swamp maple, or white maple, is a species of maple native to the eastern and central United States and southeastern Canada. Known either as Norway maple or European maple, this popular species was brought to North America from Europe in the 18th century. It is rumoured to be slightly smaller at maturity, a bit faster growing and hardier than the closely related Crimson King. The majestic Norway maple (Acer platonoides) is frequently planted along city streets, as shade trees in front of homes, and in parks nationwide.It's a hardy and vigorous growing tree that can withstand all the indignities of being planted next to a road, as well as extreme heat and cold, droughts, car exhaust fumes, and road salt near their roots. Norway maple tends to self sow and become weedy. The silver maple's leaves are wider than the red maple's (5 to 7 inches versus 2 to 6 inches) and have five lobes instead of three. Related Species Black Maple (A. saccharum var. A lot are Norways, which have the leaves of a hard maple but grow very fast. nigrum) - Hardy, including cultivar ‘Green Column’. Sometimes when you try to solve one problem, you create another. Silver Eagles vs Maple Leafs – Which One to Buy .

This maple is prone to girdling roots. The “Royal Red” Maple is a more recent cultivar of Norway maple. Buyers really can’t go wrong when purchasing either of these coins. The Norway maple was one of the most popular street trees in the United States in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Red maple (Acer rubrum) is an easy-care deciduous tree appreciated for its … Strictly speaking, Norway Maple is its own species, not classified as either Hard Maple or Soft Maple. Tar spot is becoming very common on this species. Norway maples do best in full sun, in zones 4 to 7, and in well-drained soil. St. Bonaventure University notes that this tree grows three to seven feet each year. Norway Maple.

If you’re looking for fast shade, try a silver maple (A. saccharinum, USDA zones 3 through 9). Norway maple: 11: Acer platanoides ... Sycamore maple: 13: Acer rubrum Red maple: 14: … Silver Queen Maple (A. saccharinum ‘Silver Queen’) - More upright in habit than the species and reported to be essentially seedless. That’s what happened in the 1950s and 1960s with the massive introduction of the Norway maple (Acer platanoides) in Eastern North America.At that time, North America’s most popular street tree, the American elm (Ulmus americana), was being decimated by Dutch elm disease and people were looking for a substitute. Norway (exotic) is no match for Silver (native) for invasiveness and rapid growth. striped maple: low elevation mountain forests: Acer platanoides.

The Difference Between an Autumn Blaze Maple & a Red Maple. It has since become one of the most prevalent trees. The term refers to the quality of a maple tree's wood. Silver Maple is a fast-growing, large deciduous tree that typically has a short trunk and sharply branched crown. red maple. It is one of the most common trees in the United States.

Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) is another tree that is not recommended. The Norway maple leaf bottom is straighter but it goes down at an angle. While it can be an excellent tree for landscaping, it also presents some undesirable characteristics.

Color/Appearance: Unlike most other hardwoods, the sapwood of maple lumber is most commonly used rather than its heartwood.Sapwood color ranges from almost white, to a light golden or reddish brown, while the heartwood is a darker reddish brown. While the intrinsic value which comes from having the higher purity is negligible, there are many investors who feel higher purity is better.

Its … The silver maple tree (Acer saccharinum) is one the most common trees of North America.It generally grows 50 to 80 feet tall, though a 10-year-old sapling will stand approximately 25 feet tall.

Neither is desirable; Sugar and Red are much more beautiful and not messy albeit harder to grow, but worth the effort. Anthracnose is a common leaf disease. Boxelder (Acer negundo) Norway Maple (A. platanoides) and cultivars - Borderline to non-hardy. Acer nigrum black maple: moist riverbottoms: Acer pensylvanicum. Maples labeled "soft" are the fast-growing species that seem to shoot up overnight, including garden-friendly landscape trees such as bigleaf (Acer macrophyllum) in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 to 9, red maple (Acer rubrum) in zones 3 to 9, and silver maple (Acer saccarinum) … Verticillium wilt (fungus) is a potential serious problem.

It originated in Europe where it is native from Norway to Switzerland. However, it can occasionally yield some nice wood.February 17, 2012. This medium-sized shade tree has an attractive dense crown that is symmetrically round, but it is a shallow-rooted tree. Silver Maple can also be seen with curly or quilted grain patterns.. Grain/Texture: Grain is generally straight, but may be wavy. planted in urban areas: Acer rubrum. This versatile and attractive shade tree requires a large yard.

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