There are around 210 species of magnolia that differ in size, shape, color of the flower and type of habitat. The large, glossy, evergreen leaves have rusty-brown undersides. The Pool Side Suite has an en-suite private bath, 50-inch television, additional work-space room with desk, and private deck. This means that gardeners in half the nation can cultivate them. Very attractive, large, white, fragrant blooms. Remarkably flexible for an outstanding ornamental, southern magnolia thrives not only in the South, but also in the Pacific Northwest. Feed in spring with a slow-release shrub & tree food, preferably one that contains Sulfur and/or Iron for deep greening of foliage. Magnoliaceae. Origin of the species name. Magnolia is named afterPierre Magnol, (1638 – 1715) once director of Montpellier Botanic Garden in France; grandiflora is Latin for large flowered.. Family. Instructions are also included. Alternatively, you can feed with a natural organic plant food. The leaves found on the Southern magnolia have an oval shape and grow in an alternate arrangement. The species and selections listed are adapted to a wide range of growing conditions and are easy for most gardeners to grow. One is 2½ inches (60 mm) long by 1¾ inches (40 mm) wide. Sweet bay (M. virginiana) tolerates wet soil. Southern Magnolia are light feeders, however will benefit from fertilization. It is relatively hardy, growing even in the colder climates of Washington, Michigan, and Maine, but fares best in the south. Bull bay. The magnolia flower meaning is attached with the symbols of nobility, perseverance, and love of nature. A naturally small tree or large shrub perfect for small gardens. Southern Magnolia Suite Check Availability Previous Next Description This luxurious room is located upstairs and overlooks the pool and farmland vineyard. Most of us can pick out a classic Southern magnolia, as their creamy blooms are ubiquitous across the region.

It typically grows to 60-80’ tall with a pyramidal to rounded crown. September 2009. Magnoliaceae. Despite its name, the Southern Magnolia isn’t just a southern tree…in fact, it can thrive up north. It can stand up to some salty sea breezes. Magnolia grandiflora 'Exmouth' Southern magnolia Other common names. Magnolia is named afterPierre Magnol, (1638 – 1715) once director of Montpellier Botanic Garden in France; grandiflora is Latin for large flowered.. Family. Description. From the bigleaf magnolia to the saucer magnolia and every variety in between, we find ourselves yearning to see their blooms and enjoy their sweet fragrance in our gardens. The southern magnolia, a tree indigenous to the southeastern United States but sporadically found all along the East coast, is a broadleafed evergreen.

The thick, leathery leaves of this tree are a dark, glossy green on top with brown fuzz underneath.

Southern magnolias can live for over 200 years.

This tree has broad and shinny deep green leaves that last all year long and in the spring it flowers with large white cup-like flowers whose pedals fall to create a white wreath beneath the tree. Southern magnolias can live for over 200 years. Lifespan. Southern magnolia (M. grandiflora) is good for planting at the beach, though not on dunes. The smaller is 1¾ inches (40 mm) long by 1 inch (25 mm) wide. September 2009. This means that gardeners in half the nation can cultivate them. The tree’s foliage also can contract a disease known as leaf spot, which can be serious if the ailment recurs year after year. Others are more rare. A great many tall and stately magnolia trees dot the lawns in Southern landscapes and where we live in Houston, Texas is no exception. Date Planted. Southern magnolia, according to the University of Connecticut Plant Database website, does not fare well in compacted ground, meaning that its chances are poor of growing in a construction site. Judging from the numerous ones planted in our neighbor's yards, the local nurseries selling these trees must do very well especially in the spring of the year when this particular tree puts on its raiment of those creamy to white large and showy blossoms.

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