The Best Hip-Hop Love Songs.

100 songs.

Play on Spotify By ... That’s including love of the game, the love of money, and love of one’s self.

XXL serves up a list of the best songs of 2018 so far, which includes offerings from Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Cardi B and more. This playlist features some of 2020's best trap/rap hits.

Of course, rap has opened up enough to speak of loving someone else. Top Rap Hits 2020 / Rap Songs 2020 By Marco Pizarro.

Top 10 Female Rappers of 2018.

The Top Rap Songs Of 2017. ... “Bodak Yellow” made her the second female rapper to top the chart with the only other female artist to top the charts for a solo performance being Lauryn Hill in 1998. The album received two Grammy Award nominations for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song. 9.

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... HipHopDX has boiled down 2017 to the Top 50 songs, highlighting the best records to drop this year along with the ones that were constantly in rotation. Ontdek hier de bijzondere lijst van de Nederlandse Top 40: Top 100-Jaaroverzicht van 2018 Top 100 Rap Songs of 2020 - Best Popular Rap Songs 2020 By redmusiccompany. submissions email TODAYS TOP RAP AND HIP HOP PLAYLIST 2018 / SOUNDCLOUDS HIP HOP AND RAP CHART PLAYLIST 2018 BEST HIP HOP SONGS 2018 NEW HIP HOP SONGS 2018 HOT NEW HIP HOP PLAYLIST 2018 BEST RAP SONGS THIS WEEK 2018 FEBRUARY 2018 TOP HIP HOP SONGS 2018 SOUNDCLOUD HIP HOP CHARTS 2018 SOUNDCLOUD RAP SONGS 2018 BEST MUSIC 2018 TOP 100 CHARTS 2018 …

In one of the most ubiquitous flows in the history of 2018, “King’s Dead” led to a meme that was hard to miss. Yeah, Jay Rock had a cool verse, and Kendrick rapped a mean hook, but holy sh*t, Future took the entire thing left field and made it one of the biggest rap songs of the year. In the next year, you will be able to find this playlist with the next title: Top 100 Rap Songs of 2021 - Best Popular Rap Songs 2021.

And on top of that, the entire song is genuinely great.

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