Among the benefits from applying brown algae to skin are antioxidant from its polyphenols, hydration from its polysaccharides, and soothing, thanks to a compound known as fucoidan. skin-conditioning agent - miscellaneous, skin conditioning, and skin protecting Undaria Pinnatifida Extract is an extract of the alga, Undaria pinnatifida. Two concentrated and well-characterized fucoidan-rich extracts were investigated to determine their benefits in topical applications. EXTRACT OF UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA and UNDARIA PINNATIFIDA EXTRACT

Undaria pinnatifida, also known as brown algae, is a type of seaweed that’s also edible.

As with most seaweeds, it’s a rich source of nutrients, and those benefit skin when applied topically. Two concentrated and well-characterized fucoidan-rich extracts were investigated to determine their benefits in topical applications. Botany and grow it yourself A brown kelp, Undaria pinnatifida can grow up to a mature length of 2-3 metres in a year with a growth rate of 1 cm a day.

11 The arrangement of feather-like fronds, typically in pairs opposite each other on the central midrib, is known as pinnation.

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