These are the reasons why many vintners choose the variety as a rootstock for grafting on Vitis vinifera vines. Most rootstocks used today are hybrids of the three vine species hereunder listed all of them tolerant of Phylloxera: Vitis Rupestris. Bud break is early as are fruit set, although a shortened growth span would decrease the total production by the plant each year. Rootstock Protocol 2010 Vitis Parentage Phylloxera Resistance ... Legend for Vitis Parentage: a - Riparia b - Rupestris c - Berlandieri x riparia d - Berlandieri x rupestris e - Riparia x rupestris f - Riparia x (Condifolia x rupestris)

This means that they are not planted on their own roots; rather the vine is grafted onto the root of a different vine species.Almost all of the grape varieties used to make wine belong to the Vitis Vinifera species. Vitis riparia is the Latin name for the Riparia grape which is native to North America.The grape is extremely hardy and known for its resistance to frost, mildew and rot. Please use the search box below to narrow your search by variety or color. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your garden, urge it onto an arch or arbor. C 101-14 Crossing Riparia & Rupestris. The Wild Grape, also known as Fox Grape or Vitis Riparia, is a hardy plant that is high climbing and a fast grower. Because of its wide distribution throughout the Eastern US, breeders in other areas of the country have used V. riparia as a source of cold hardiness, for example, “Frontenac” (Clark, 1997). Its grapes are sharply acid and borne in compact clusters. After numerous grafting tests, discarding plants that generated grafting disaffinity and had little rooting capacity, three main species of vines suitable for grafting with Vitis Vinifera were identified: Vitis Riparia, Vitis Berlandieri, Vitis Rupestris. (231) 464-5809 CHOICE OF ROOTSTOCK. Seeking sun, grape vines soar high into tree canopies in the wild. Riparia Gloire Vitis Riparia. Visit Cold Stream Farm today to learn more! very vigorous; long vegetative cycle; excellent resistance to lime Riparia gloire, commonly referred to simply as Riparia, is a selection of Vitis riparia, a wild grape species native to the northeastern and midwestern United States. C 3309 Crossing Riparia & Rupestris. SO4 Crossing Berlandieri & Riparia. Root Stock Characteristics. “Riparia Gloire” rootstock is a direct selection of V. riparia (Cousins, 2005). Rootstock: Vitis Parentage: Phylloxera Resistance: Nematode Resistance : Nematode Resistance: Influence of scion: Other Chracteristics: Rootstock is a wine word that many readers probably have heard mentioned with regard to viticulture and the growing of wine grapes. Of the rootstocks discussed in this article, vines grafted to Riparia … Wild Grape Vine: A Field Guide. Vitis riparia, commonly known as riverbank grape, is a fast-growing perennial vine in the Vitaceae family.Riverbank grape is native to most of North America, with habitat that extends from the northeast half of Canada, down through the East Coast United States, through the Midwest, and into Texas. Vitis riparia, the species most widely distributed in the northern United States, is a vigorously-growing vine occurring along streams. Vitis berlandieri Planch., a stocky, moderately climbing vine, is found is southwestern Texas and Mexico. Riparia. About Grape Rootstocks ... Vitis riparia is adapted to cold climates with short seasons, the roots grow laterally and its large leaves are well adapted to shade but not drought. The main rootstocks used for grafting in Germany are SO4 and Binova, 5C, 5BB and 125AA …

Today most vines are planted on rootstocks. Vitis rupestris Scheele is also called

Rootstock Chart . The use of 101-14 rootstock has become more prevalent in recent years, particularly in Eastern US vinifera vineyards where some vigor control is desired. It is also phylloxera resistant. Parentage Vitis riparia Vigour + Preferred soil type: Humid, cool fertile Lime tolerance: Low Resistance to drought + Tolerance of phylloxera +++++ Resistance to nematodes +++ Candidate grape rootstocks were selected through a rigorous screening program initiated with important sources of resistance to Meloidogyne pathotypes and to Xiphinema index in Muscadinia rotundifolia and Vitis species native to North America. very vigorous; long vegetative cycle; some resistance to lime; Vitis Riparia low vigor; short vegetatice cycle; no resistance to lime; Vitis Berlandieri.

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