Greet and eat an Old World favorite that will have you fixated on this melt-in-your-mouth buttery texture. If you are looking for a cheese to melt over vegetables this just might be your cheese as Butterkase melts very nicely and will not overpower the vegetables. Butterkäse, also known as Butter Cheese originated in Germany and is made throughout Germany and Austria. Butterkase (Butter Cheese) is a rindless cheese that indeed pretty much looks like a big piece of butter. Butterkäse .

Butterkase is very creamy and mild in flavor. Butterkäse is an absurdly creamy, fatty German cheese that you need to seek out. Butterkase is a wonderful cheese that is easy to make, full of flavor and has a wonderful buttery texture, hence the name. Butterkase is a very mild cheese that fits in the semi-soft texture category. Its name literally means “butter cheese”, because of its butter-like texture. Its name, when literally translated means "butter cheese," but the cheese is butter free.

Then put it in grilled cheese, pizzas, or a pot of fondue. The cheese is made by the German company Bauer, a company that was founded in 1887 by Franz Bauer and today the 5th generation of Bauers is at the helm. However, the appealing flavour and appearance make it a great hit on a cheeseboard. It is also called Dämenkäse or “ladies cheese” because it is delicately flavored, odorless and quite complementary to … With a short aging period, this cheese will be ready to enjoy within two months and is a great choice for home cheese makers. Boar's Head® ButterKäse Cheese is made in Wisconsin and has a pleasantly mild melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Like now.

Super-rich butterkase (butter cheese) from The Wisconsin Cheeseman. Butterkase is a delightful cheese with fruit and crackers. Description; Recipes; Find Butterkäse Near You Where to Buy Snack & serve fearlessly. Where to buy / Meet your new cheese obsession. An American version of a German classic that takes its name from its uniquely butter-like texture. Buy now, pay later with Wisconsin Cheeseman Credit. Butterkase is a semi-soft cheese with a golden natural rind, very popular in Germany and Austria for its creamy texture, buttery like the taste.

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